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Mesa Work

The Mesa is a sacred bundle of powerful healing stones known as Khuya's . A Mesa is also known as the Shamans heart . These Mesa teachings come from the Q'ero people in the high Andes of Peru.

There are many aspects to the work . The main body is Khuya healing . Khuya's are the healing stones carried in the Shamans Mesa . The sessions are deep healing interventions , and are very effective for releasing fears , wounds, and trauma . Heavy energies ( experienced first as mental / emotional distress , anger , fear , etc . ) are given to the earth and lighter , more compatible energies are brought into the clients energy field.

Ceremony Leading

Despacho Ceremonies

Despacho is a traditional ceremony of the high Andean people. It's intention is to bring balance, healing, and abundance to the community and world.

Performed by Laika, High Medicine men in the mountains of Peru. Who know how to access archetypal and energetic realms (and mediate within them). The Ayni Despacho ceremony is one such tool. It is a living Mandela and a potent ritual, made with offerings to the spirit world. It is traditionally made during powerful times of the year, such as the Solstice and Equinoxes. Made with flowers, grains, seeds, sea shells, leaves, candles, and chocolate. With great intention and love, the Shaman uses his breath to blow into objects to be placed into the the Mandela.

There are other types of Despacho. I have studied some of them in Peru. Small personal healing Despachos are some that i do.

Crafter of Sacred Tools

Remote Healings